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A Top Retail Marketing Agency that crafts digital customer experiences for brands with leading digital innovation in retail.

TRG Digital is a top retail marketing agency. We enable retailers to transform their visions into reality by crafting custom digital experiences so that they can deliver value to their customers and accelerate the growth of their business. Through our deep experience of retail strategy, data, and technology, we help our clients understand how to create innovative and sustainable retail brands.


As the lines between digital and physical shopping experiences blur, retailers need to make sure to be align with customer needs buying journey. Retailers need to offer a consistent buying experience across sales channels, both online and off. 73 % of consumers use multiple channels in their shopping journey, so it is important now more than ever to develop a holistic omni-channel strategy . TRG Digital’s ROI approach to omni-channel puts retailers in control of the experiences they offer.

We work with retail brands to plan what channels will produce the best results and execute based on market penetration.

Data-Driven Retail

We work with retailers to craft and execute strategies using data from all touchpoints that anticipate customer needs and make shopping faster and easier. Our data-first approach enables us to deliver on leading innovation in retail and top retail marketing strategies

integrated Retail Experience

Consumers’ in-store expectations are shaped by their experiences online, and vice versa. In the minds of customers, any retail interaction necessarily has both physical and digital components. As a top retail marketing agency, we work with retailers to take an integrated approach, leveraging IoT in retail, to help them differentiate themselves through holistic, engaging customer experiences.

Store Modernization

We enable our clients to deliver modern technology and innovative solutions rapidly across locations to engage their customers throughout their retail journey. TRG Digital uses leading IoT in retail solutions and apply transformative innovation in retail to deliver modernized customer experiences in store.

Digital innovation

The future is now.  TRG Digital is at the forefront of developing innovation in retail, from augmented reality (AR) and machine learning, to artificial intelligence (AI) and data-science. These are some ways we are empowering retailers to leverage technology innovation to bridge the gap between the digital and the physical customer shopping journey.

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