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We Love Doing Work That Matters for People Who Make A Difference

Nonprofit organizations have unique challenges, which we understand very well. From branding and marketing to community engagement and donation management, our experienced nonprofit digital agency will work with you to build and implement the right strategy to grow the organization and further your cause.

TRG Digital is a trusted nonprofit digital agency dedicated to supporting organizations to achieve their mission. We craft custom digital marketing strategies for nonprofits and cause-based organizations.

Since we specialize in digital marketing for nonprofits, let us craft a holistic nonprofit marketing strategy for your organization.  We love to help people helping causes.

We help with marketing ideas for nonprofits.

Create awareness and tell your story with the right target audiences

We craft digital strategies for nonprofits to reach targeted demographics across different platforms.

Recruit people to join email, social, and web communities

We leverage data science and artificial intelligence to ensure we communicate to the right people who share interests with your organizations cause.

Engage supporters across all communication channels

Our omni-channel approach to marketing enables us to target your nonprofit demographic with precision on their preferred means of communication.

Activate community to drive important goals

We love doing the heavy lifting! Let TRG Digital create awareness for your nonprofit organization. Our social media for nonprofits is world-class.

Inspire people and recruit more supporters!

We specialize in content marketing for nonprofits. Let us help you spread your message.

Measure data at each stage, optimize messaging and approach

Our data-first approach enables us to benchmark and measure performance throughout our campaigns, so your return of investment (ROI) is not a mystery.

Strategize grassroots movements to raise money, build organizations, raise awareness, build name recognition, win campaigns, and to deepen political participation.

TRG Digital will help you craft custom fundraising campaigns where you have access to a global donor pool by using crowdsourcing across leading social platforms.

Leverage our proprietary web-based solution to run fundraising raffles or use our products that focus on generating donations using our online lottery for charities. TRG Digital can help you implement a sustainable fundraising solution that suits your organization’s needs!

Fundraising Raffles & Lotteries

TRG Digital works with industry-leading partners to provide sustainable asset management for your organization’s technology. Work with us to breathe new life into your electronics and help your cause in the process!

What were the Top Challenges For Nonprofit Organizations in 2019?

Growth/Generating Revenue 57%
Inadequate Staffing & Volunteer 26%
Fundraising 62%
Technology and Software 52%
Building Cause Awarness 46%
Recruitment & Membership 47%
Government Regulations and Tax Reform 17%
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