Fundraising Raffles and Lotteries for Nonprofits and Charities

TRG Digital Crafts Strategies To Accelerate Growth for Nonprofit Organizations

The TRG Digital Lottery as a Service (LaaS) is a full featured digital platform disrupting the traditional fundraising model. Our propriety platform enables charities and non-profits to instantly create and host fully functional web-based raffles and lotteries to fundraise for their own cause.

We are dedicated to help Nonprofits and Charities spread awareness. A very important factor to increase awareness for these organizations is funding. Our lottery fundraising platform was built to delivery real benefits for organization which include:


Organizations can begin selling tickets, online and retail, within 20 minutes of registering on the platform – it’s that fast!

Ease of Use

Our user centric design enables administrators to build and manage their entire Lottery and Raffle using a simple, point-and-click interface.

Custom Fundraising Raffles

Our platform allows you to generate unique online raffles from 3 supported types:

  • Mixed Prizes
  • Cash Prizes
  • Cash Accumulator

You can offer a mix of cash prizes and other items, from sports cars to phone cards, to create the perfect raffle for your brand and audience.

All raffle games can be easily branded and customized.

Pay-per use billing

Registration on our fundraising raffles platform is free, there are no monthly charges and is only billed per usage.

a full solution

Organizations can sell tickets digitally online AND on-site at event venues, using our Retail Agent Application which turns any iPhone and Android smartphone into a portable Points of Sale (PoS) terminal.

branded experience

Our platform allows organizations to create a branded fundraising experience. Nonprofits and charities can create themed raffles that allow for custom graphics and colors.

Our service is ideal for any nonprofits, charities, sports club, schools or hospitals that wishes to fundraise using digital raffles and lotteries.

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