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TRG Digital Crafts Advertising Strategies To Accelerate Business Growth

What is Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising also known as online advertising is simply delivering promotional content from you business to your users using various online and digital channels.

Luckily, since we are positioned as a top digital marketing agency TRG Digital has the expertise and experience to implement strategic digital advertising campaigns across the most used mediums. Our data-approach enables us to apply customized strategies to give your business optimized ROI and results to match. Accelerating business growth is what we do!

Social Advertising

Face facts – social matters – a lot. Most users spend much of there time on social media platforms to socialize, research, and learn. Our digital advertising experts use a date-first approach to analyze which the best reaching platform for your target demographic. We then use a multi-platform approach and we optimize for the campaigns and social sites with the be a return on investment (ROI). Whether it is advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin or Snapchat, we got you covered

Search engine Marking (SEM)

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising executed on leading search engines can help to quickly generate traffic and leads to your website. Our search engine marketing experts carefully manage every campaign, watch the analytics to keep them fresh and active and focus on appealing to the market segment that is most likely to buy – from you. We can partner with your business to launch and manage strategic campaigns on Google and Bing.


Our top digital advertising agency pros work as partners with the leading marketing networks, and our super-smart marketers can craft display ads (such as banners) that will reach a mass audience.

Mobile Advertising

As a top digital agency specializing in mobile advertising, we analyze behavioral patterns associated with device IDs to identify, track, and build mobile audiences for brands. We use device IDs sent by ad exchanges, and come with a unique set of data that isn’t available via Cookies. This includes Location, gender, age, and device type.

In addition to this, our machine learning algorithms analyzing a user’s past ad engagements, mobile web behavior, and locations they visit throughout the day. This, in combination with device ID data, enables us to reach the right person, at the right place, with the right message.

When developing a targeting strategy, it is important to be conscious of scale. The narrower the targeting becomes, the less reach and scale you will have.

Contact us if you have any questions or want to learn more. We love mobile advertising and we’re here to consult you.

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