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Building a strategic path to the cloud

Cloud adoption continues to gain momentum, increasing by 24% for businesses in 2021 and projected to expand by another 22% in 2022. More companies are identifying digital opportunities and modern cloud solutions.

And considering the benefits of cloud migration, it makes sense to get started sooner rather than later:

Reduced Long-Term Technology Operation Costs

One of the primary reasons is the reduced cost of managed hardware and the infrastructure associated with it. No more stacks of Servers, Data Centers and ongoing maintenance costs as Applications would exist on the cloud

Business Agility

Building cloud applications and native-cloud microservices allows businesses to build targeted features and solutions that can be deployed rapidly. Having this agility and flexibility shortens the time to market.

Increase Scalability

Cloud Environments allow businesses to scale up to accelerate growth by using cloud space instead of purchasing and configuring new hardware. Native-Cloud Apps can also be scaled up seamlessly  with the right system architecture and technology.


Public cloud providers statistically offer higher levels of up-time and redundancy. The risk of downtime due to older and outdated on-premise hardware goes away which increases the reliability of mission-critical systems.

However, moving to the cloud is rarely a simple process. It requires significant planning, prioritization of resources, and an in-depth understanding of affected technologies and workflows.

Our Cloud Practitioners and Solutions Architects work with clients to build a detailed cloud assessment and a strategic migration plan. Contact us to speak with a consultant about the next step of your journey on the cloud.

Are you ready to talk about Cloud computing 

    TRG Digital

    a top strategic Cloud computing partner

    We know Cloud. We know Technology.

    TRG Digital is your strategic partner to plan and execute leading cloud solutions to accelerate business growth. From architecture and migration to optimization and managed services we will leverage the power of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to optimize your business technology operations.

    Cloud Computing

    Cloud Assessment

    We work with you to understand your as-is state and your short-term/long-term cloud plans, and help you plan your cloud journey. This typically also involves Cloud Architecture.

    Cloud Architecture

    Our AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform certified architects work with you to define your cloud architecture taking into account your business and technical needs.

    Data Cloud Migration

    We will help you migrate your data to AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) from planning through implementation.

    APP Cloud migration

    We will help you migrate your app]s to AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) using the right strategy – from lift-and-shift to lift-and-shape to cloud-native.

    Cloud Consulting

    Our Cloud experts help you with consulting on a variety of cloud topics or figure out the do’s and don’ts in AWS/Azure/GCP. They also work independently or with your team to help you implement Cloud services.

    Serverless Apps

    Launch cloud native apps faster, better, and accelerate your serverless initiative with TRG Digital experts.

    Managed Services

    End-to-end managed services for your AWS, Azure and GCP cloud deployments – infrastructure, apps, data.

    Cloud Cost Optimization

    We will help you optimize your cloud spend looking at your cloud costs from all angles—architectural, operational, and financial.

    Who WE ARE

    We help clients get the most out of the Cloud by leveraging its infrastructure and services, building strategic integrations, and developing cloud-native applications. Our cloud computing team includes Certified Cloud Practitioners and Certified Solutions Architects, as well as expert cyber-security analysts, network engineers and delivery managers. We can guide you on every step of your journey in the cloud.

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