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Today, we live our lives online. We shop, discover things and learn in a digital world. For businesses, a digital presence is no longer a “nice to have” but a “must have.” And that means creating and nurturing a digital brand.

As an accounting firm, you can think of your brand as the visibility of your reputation — you are only as good as people perceive you to be.

In the current digital landscape for consumers and business professionals considering buying accounting services, the process starts online, often with a simple Google search to address the “pain” they’re feeling, such as “tax audit help” or “regulatory compliance consultant.”

TRG Digital is here to help your business stay relevant and thriving in the new digital eco-system.

website design and Development

Every website should reflect its business and engage their customer’s attention while providing a seemless user experience. TRG Digital collaborates with your accounting firm making sure your mobile-friendly website communicates your brands message and has the functionality and content you need to engage your clients.

Search Engine optimization (seo)

To make local SEO work, expertise in directory and reputation management is required. Our expertise in the field paired with our strategic partnerships will  drive the right local traffic to your firm, making it easy for customers to find you.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategies

PPC advertising campaigns give an immediate boost to your marketing goals, but without proper understanding, PPC can cost you a lot with only a small ROI. TRG Digital will ensure that your advertisment budget is spent where you’ll get the biggest return, driving both traffic and leads.

Social Media marketing

Engaging your clientele through social media is the lifeblood of business. Our managed social media marketing solutions will ensure your brand, message and services are communicated to your audience.

Digital transformation

As the digital eco-system has evolved accounting firms have adopted various software tools. As time has passed these tools become inefficient and cannot communicate with each other, impacting your efficiency. TRG Digital will audit your current digital toolbox and design and build a custom solution and integrations to keep your firm at its operational efficiency.

How clients discovered accountants in 2018.
Look at their website
Search Online (e.g Google them)
Ask friends or family if they have heard of the firm
Social Media
Talk to a reference they have
I don't check them out
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